Team Deathmatch στο Tomb Raider...

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Οι πρώτες λεπτομέρειες για το φρεσκοανακοινωμενο multiplayer του Tomb Raider έρχονται στο φως της δημοσιότητας από το Official Xbox Magazine. Μεταξύ άλλων μαθαίνουμε για... Team Deathmatch mode, στο οποίο οι επιζήσαντες σύμμαχοι της Lara τίθενται αντιμέτωποι με ντόπιους, σε χάρτες γεμάτους παγίδες, επιφάνειες για σκαρφάλωμα, καταστρέψιμα περιβάλλοντα, και όπλα. Μάλιστα. Team Deathmatch στο Tomb Raider. Το είδαμε -ή μάλλον θα το δούμε- κι αυτό. Όσο καλό κι να είναι (αν είναι) το multiplayer, δεν έχει θέση στο συγκεκριμένο παιχνίδι. Διαβάστε παρακάτω τις πρώτες πληροφορίες για το multiplayer του Tomb Raider και πείτε μας γνώμη! Σας ενδιαφέρει;

  • He acknowledges that fans will be wary of changes.
  • But of course comes back to say that after playing it feels the "creation and execution are coming from the right place."
  • Team Deathmatch is in.
  • "a team of Lara's surviving allies pitted against a group of hostile natives cutely referred to as "scavengers."
  • Best-of-three matches, alternating between sides.
  • "an immediate wrong turn out of our cavernous base ... had us sliding down a rocky water tunnel..."
  • "the maps aren't too wide open"
  • "lever-baser traps that shot spikes out of walls, climable surfaces, destroyable environmental elements (like bridges), and weaponry like Lara's now trademark bow and arrow."
  • Second game type "Rescue" survivors have to collect a certain amount of med-packs and deliver them to rotating destinations while scavengers must reach a certain kill count.
  • Rescue gives survivors a "bleed-out" time, that you can cut short with a "brutal" melee finisher.
  • "Wind Chasm" was the map they played on. Tropical, with traps, vantage points and junk.
  • Karl "dropped hints about a mode called "Cry for Help," which apparently will place a strong emphasis on discovery and collection." Adventure as opposed to combat game type.
  • Unclear if any other modes available.
  • "select from a deep roster of characters."
  • "different stats and loadouts."
  • "primary firearm/bow, sidearm, grenade style projectile, climbing axe that serves as a melee."
  • XP gained can go to altering stats and purchasing more advanced characters.
  • No Lara in multiplayer that he saw.
  • Can chose the same character as a teammate.
  • Some single player actions have been sped up for sanity-sake.
  • Blah blah Guardian of Light makes them think multiplayer is what we want.
  • "[Noah Hughes] goes on to note that while it make seem odd that this historically loner heroine now has a whole roster of companions..."
  • Goes through the same old campaign points; hanging upside down, falling onto spike, running through cave, Sam, wolf, bear trap, blah blah blah.
  • Bow can be used to distract enemies.
  • More QTE's.
  • "... Lara runs into a group of scavengers that includes a shielded man wearing a steel mask. Gunfire doesn't work on this guy..."