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Το νέο παιχνίδι της Yager (Spec Ops: The Line, Dreadnought) είναι γεγονός. H Yager ανακοίνωσε το The Cycle, το οποίο είναι sci-fi multiplayer FPS. Το The Cycle διαδραματίζεται σε έναν πλανήτη γεμάτο τέρατα και εξωτική χλωρίδα και πανίδα, όπου ανταγωνίζεστε με άλλους παίκτες για την εκτέλεση διάφορων αποστολών-συμβολαίων. Τα ματς υποστηρίζουν μέχρι 20 παίκτες και διαρκούν 20 λεπτά. Το The Cycle θα βγει για PC και αργότερα για κονσόλες. Δείτε επίσημα χαρακτηριστικά και teaser και πείτε μας πώς σας φαίνεται σαν ιδέα!

• A new Frontier: Explore the world of Fortuna III - a hostile, beautiful new world, full of fortune, alien life, and other players looking to take its riches.

• Storm: The cycle leaves only a narrow window of opportunity - stay too long, and you will be trapped on the planet.

• Pacting: Players can meet on the surface of Fortuna III and join uneasy alliances with one another as they complete contracts

• Black Market: Players have a wide arsenal of weapons and gear available to them, all with different playstyles, that can be purchased during a match

• Crafting: Players can spend their precious credits on creating new gear to take into the next match

• Quests: Shooting may give you an edge - but the best prospectors are those who can take on dangerous jobs for factions during a match

• Customization: A wide selection of gear that players progress through, tailoring their character to their individual playstyle, with more options regularly added