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Ώρα για βαρβάτο update του Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Όπως ανακοίνωσε η Nintendo, το update 2.0.0 του Super Smash Bros. Ultimate είναι πλέον διαθέσιμο και φέρνει τόσο γενικές βελτιώσεις στο παιχνίδι, όσο και πολλές αλλαγές στους χαρακτήρες. Δείτε τις γενικές παρακάτω και των χαρακτήρων στο λινκ και πείτε μας αν παίζετε Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

You can now play Spirit Board with up to four players.
Select the spirit you want to challenge on the Spirit Board, and then go to Party → Fighter to select the number of people who will play. When playing with multiple people, you will lose the battle if any player is KO'd.
The following spirits will now appear in the Shop.
Partner Pikachu
Partner Eevee
Dice Block
River Survival
Golden Dash Mushroom

We adjusted the calculation for Global Smash Power.

Added the DLC fighter Piranha Plant.
Piranha Plant will become available for purchase as DLC at a later date.
Pressing both jump buttons at the same time will now cause you to short hop.
Fixed the issue where the KO score included your teammates' KOs when Team Attack was On.
Game-balance adjustments.
Various gameplay fixes.