Patch με το καλημέρα για το Killzone 3

, Πέμπτη 24 Φεβρουαρίου 2011 0  

Όσοι έχετε τσιμπήσει το Killzone 3, σίγουρα θα έχετε διαπιστώσει ότι η Guerrilla ήδη έχει διαθέσει το πρώτο patch για το παιχνίδι. Το patch φέρνει αλλαγές κυρίως στο multiplayer, με βάση τις παρατηρήσεις των παικτών στην πρόσφατη open beta. Αναλυτικά παρακάτω.



* Increased the number of melee kills needed to unlock Increased Accuracy
* StA-3 LMG has had its spread increased and overall accuracy lowered
* Lowered the range and recoil of the LS-57 SMG
* Silent Footsteps has been removed as a ribbon and is now an unlockable skill
* Capturing a Capture and Hold area in Operations will award the same amount of points as it does in Warzone – it was previously worth less
* A specific screen has been added to inform players when a Skill has been unlocked
* Medic: The LS-57 SMG replaces their previously equipped StA-11 SMG
* Medic: The M224-1A LMG replaces their previously equipped LS-13 Shotgun
* Engineer: The StA-11 SMG replaces their previously equipped LS-57 SMG
* Tactician: The LS-13 Shotgun replaces their previously equipped M224-1A LMG
* Tactician: Neutralizing and capturing Tactical Spawn Areas now have two different timers, allowing you to neutralize the ownership away from the enemy faction quicker
* Tactician: Spot & Mark has been rebalanced - it will now ‘pulse’ like a sonar for 30 seconds, rather than stay constantly active during its duration
* Infiltrator: Disguise ranges for each rank has been adjusted. At rank 1, any player can see through Disguise when targeting the Infiltrator. At rank 2, a player must be within 30m range. At rank 3, a player must be within 15m range. Additionally, Disguise at rank 2 has had its timer set to ‘indefinite’ and is no longer based on a timer.
* Infiltrator: The sprint speed modifier earned from Survivalist has been decreased
* New online trophies can be unlocked from the Retro Pack DLC
* Kick-voting has been added to online matches
* Experience points earned for completing mission objectives has been increased

Clans and Squads:

* You can no longer rejoin a clan match that has already finished
* Current clan ratings are more accurately reflected at the beginning of the match
* Players will no longer start the game in a squad by themselves
* Clan matches will no longer end in a draw if one clan quits out (therefore forfeiting) before the remaining clan is able to score points in Guerrilla Warfare
* You will no longer hang after pressing the Start button right after accepting a clan invite on the region select screen

Network Issues:

* Network errors experienced during the open beta, such as 20002 and 8001, should no longer occur
* A 30 second time-out has been added to Multiplayer “joining” screen, should you experience an interruption in your connection
* Players that don’t have the Retro Pack, who tried joining a friend who was currently playing on a Retro Pack map, will no longer receive a network error code

General Bugs:

* You will no longer have the “Your Faction Has Won/Lost” image roll over into subsequent matches
* You will no longer receive multiple unlock points when the server is out of sync
* You will no longer accumulate additional unlock points after everything has been unlocked
* Fixed an issue that caused the menu to stop responding after switching rapidly between the career unlocks screen and the multiplayer main menu
* The Bullet Damage ribbon reward is now applied to all primary and secondary weapons that fire bullets
* Tactician: Fixed an issue that prevented players from re-activating Spot & Mark for 60 seconds after they were killed with it active



* Stutter issues stemming from cutscenes that were loaded from the menu have been resolved
* Icy Incursion: Audio is now in sync during the cutscene played while streaming into Providence Station


* Improved streaming performance for a smoother gameplay experience


Sharp shooter:

* Square button is mapped to Jump when using the Sharpshooter
* Adjusted the deadzone modifier when using the Sharpshooter

PlayStation Move:

* Fixed a possible crash that could occur after playing the campaign while using the motion controller


* Killzone 3 is now integrated into the PSN store
* Enhanced security features included to deter cheating