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Halo 5 overtime update

Ώρα για ένα ακόμα βαρβάτο update του Halo 5. Όπως ανακοίνωσε η 343 Industries, το overtime update του Halo 5 είναι πλέον διαθέσιμο και φέρνει υποστήριξη Xbox One X, oddball mode και άλλες προσθήκες / βελτιώσεις. Δείτε τις αναλυτικά παρακάτω! Παίζετε Halo 5;


Halo 5 now looks better than ever with 4K UHD support for Xbox One X!

Play Ball! Oddball and Oddball FFA return as official game modes:
New Oddball medals added
New announcer voice over audio added
New Oddball skull object added (it's back!)

Host and play low-latency Halo 5 multiplayer matches with the Halo 5: Guardians Local Server app for Windows 10 PC

Support your favorite HCS team with new weapon skins for Splyce, Luminosity, and Str8 Rippin. Current release dates: Luminosity 11/7, Str8 Rippin 11/21, Spylce 12/5

Represent your Halo World Championship home region with new United States, Canada, UK, Mexico, and Australia weapon skins. These skins will be available during the Halo World Championship 2018.

New Weapon Tuning for 14 items deployed across all game modes

New Commendations added:
Brute Plasma Rifle
Sentinel Beam
Gravity Hammer
Reach Grenade Launcher
Wasp Destroyer
Wasp Gunner
Grunt Mech Slayer

Assault Changes:
Changed default settings for Assault to have ball explosion damage enabled on score
Changed default settings for Assault to no longer include double thrust for a ball carrier

Forge Changes:
Added the Relic Sword to the weapon palette
Added Forge entries for the new Gunfighter Flagnum

New Custom Game Options:
Oddball support on default Custom game maps coming soon (in the meantime enjoy the new Oddball playlist!)

Ball Mode Options:
Ball Type: Allows selection between the default UNSC Ball and the newly added Oddball Skull for use as the game ball
Ball Explosion Damage: Allows enabling/disabling of explosion damage when the ball is scored in an Assault mode
Score Per Kill While Carrying: Allows configuration of points awarded for killing an enemy player while carrying the ball
Ball Carrier Traits -> Melee Damage Modifier: Added a value for “Standard Weapon Melee Damage”, which configures ball melee damage to be exactly equivalent to that of a normal weapon melee

Respawn Menu Options:
Player Follow Camera Enabled During Respawn: Enable or disable the Player Follow Camera screen during respawn
Follow Camera Allow Enemy Player Selection: Allows the selection of enemy players in the Player Follow Camera screen during respawn
Enable Stacking Team Spawn Influencers: Increases the chance of spawning with teammates
Spawning Mode: Choose between default spawn selection and random spawn selection

Flag Mode Options:
Flagnum Type: Set the type of Magnum (standard or Gunfighter) that will be wielded when holding the flag


General stability fixes

Improved JIP (“Join in Progress”) rules for Social playlists

Added thresholds that will prevent JIP in Social playlists depending on the remaining score to victory, score differences between teams in a match, and time remaining in the match. These are tuned on a per-game-mode basis with the goal of reducing negative JIP experiences.

Fixed a number of exploits for Warzone
Fixed ability to get inside bases to contest
Fixed ability to get under the world
Fixed ability to destroy the core when you should not be able to
Fixed an issue where the red team shield door would sometimes not have proper collision

BTB Assault matches now group properly under their own category in the Service Record

Fixed an issue where REQ currency would sometimes not recharge properly when joining in progress to Warzone modes

Fixed an issue where players who JIP’ed into Warzone games were not leveling up

Fixed an issue where JIP’ing players sometimes caused momentary hitches

Added a fix for the “black screen” bug (We believe this is addressed, and will be monitoring closely - please let us know if you experience this issue post-patch)

Fixed a bug in which banned players could continue to play matches

Fixed a bug where March on Stormbreak and Battle of Noctus home bases did not have player collision

Fixed a rare crash players could hit if they died while picking up power-ups

Increased the cooldown time on the Banshee's flip maneuver