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Άλλο ένα update του Battlefield 1 καταφτάνει, παρόλο που υποτίθεται ότι τα μηνιαία update του παιχνιδιού θα σταματούσαν τον Ιούνιο (όχι ότι έχουμε παράπονο βέβαια). Όπως ανακοίνωσε η Dice, το August update του Battlefield 1 είναι πλέον διαθέσιμο και φέρνει διάφορες μικρές βελτιώσεις. Δείτε τις παρακάτω και πείτε μας αν παίζετε Battlefield 1!

Fixed a performance issue when players were in an Xbox party of 4 more players.
Fixed an issue where the mid-round team balancer wasn’t working.
Fixed various crashes.
Fixed an issue where sometimes players at max rank didn’t have enough war bonds to buy everything available.
Fixed an issue where the Field Gun’s rotation would reverse when the Decouple Aiming option was turned on.
Fixed the Dud Club’s damage description.
Fixed an issue where Tanker and Pilot weapons were available in the Back to Basics custom game mode.
Fixed an issue where the team balancing message was sometimes not displayed.
Fixed an issue where the Objective Icon Opacity icon did not affect objectives in Frontlines.
Reorganized some of the Commo Rose options in the Options screen.
Players will now get kicked for being idle in pre-round for Official servers.
Mid-round team balancer threshold reduced to 3+ players.
Mid-round team balancer timer reduced from 30 to 15 seconds.