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All-Star Fruit Racing: Εκκίνηση τον Ιούλιο

Το χαριτωμένο kart racer All-Star Fruit Racing είναι έτοιμο για αγώνα. Όπως ανακοίνωσε η εκδότρια PQube, το All-Star Fruit Racing βγαίνει 13 Ιουλίου για PS4, Xbox One, Switch και PC. Στο All-Star Fruit Racing καθώς τρέχετε μαζεύετε διάφορων ειδών φρούτα, ώστε να μπορείτε να εκτελείτε ειδικές κινήσεις ενάντια στους αντιπάλους σας. Το παιχνίδι διαθέτει ποικιλία τύπων αγώνα, 21 πίστες, εξατομίκευση καρτ, career mode, split-screen multiplayer για έως τέσσερις παίκτες και online multiplayer για έως οκτώ παίκτες. Δείτε επίσημα χαρακτηριστικά και trailer και πείτε μας αν σας ενδιαφέρει!

• Jump into a bumper career mode: Pick your favorite character and battle for the first-place trophy in a series of testing championships. Balance speed and skill as you battle other racers in a frantically fruity scrap for the podium and the all-important winner's prizes, unlocking new characters, championships and kart parts along the way.

• Master all the modes: Called yourself the champion of the champion? The journey has just begun. Create Custom Championships and select between three different difficulty settings and speeds to fine-tune your challenge, or dive into a range of different gametypes including Dragster races, Hill Climbs, Elimination races, Time Attacks and even modifier-filled modes that rewrite the rulebook.

• Dominate the seasons: Burn rubber in 21 incredible courses spread across five stunning worlds: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Special Islands. Speed up volcanoes, around the twisting bodies of giant snakes and between giant, kart-crushing snowballs on some of the craziest racing tracks ever imagined.

• Fire up The Juicer: Bruise your foes (and their egos) by unleashing devastating fruit-based moves with the innovative Juicer power-up system. Collect different types of fruit as you race to fill up The Juicer's liquid tanks, then custom-combine your juice tanks' power to let loose a combo power-up. Will you let loose a volley of different power-ups, or save all of your fruit power until your unique Mega-Juice move's ready to help you reach first place?

• Take on friends and family: Don't race alone: Share the All-Star Fruit Racing fun with everyone in two-, three- and four-player split-screen action.

• Challenge the whole world: Race against others from across the globe in eight-player online showdowns; available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC editions of All-Star Fruit Racing.

•Customize your kart: Unlock new parts as you play to help you redesign, rebuild and recolour your dream ride. It's not just about winning - it's about winning with style, and over 32,000 possible kart combinations await in the All-Star Fruit Racing Garage...