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CoD Black Ops 4: Βελτιώσεις μετά τη beta

Με τη multiplayer beta του Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 να ανήκει στο παρελθόν (ως γνωστόν θα υπάρξει και beta του battle royale), η Treyarch έχει στρωθεί στη δουλειά κάνοντας βελτιώσεις στο παιχνίδι με βάση τις παρατηρήσεις των παικτών. Σύμφωνα με την Treyarch, οι κυριότερες αλλαγές εντοπίζονται σε fog of war / minimap, tac-deploy / spawning και body armor / gear. Δείτε τις αναλυτικά παρακάτω και πείτε μας γνώμη! Παίξατε τη beta του Black Ops 4; Πώς σας φάνηκε;

Fog of War & Minimap Awareness
- The full reveal circle will be removed as default functionality, and the standard reveal area will be a cone that reflects the player’s field of view. This will continue to always be blocked by solid objects in the game, so it can never be used to “see through walls”.
- We’re moving the full reveal circle to the Team Link perk. This way, players who want that power will need to spend a point in Create-a-Class to get it and compete with their choices for other powerful items. This also gives Team Link a much-needed boost, as it significantly underperformed in the Beta.
- We’re adding an additional HUD indicator that lets you know when you’re visible to enemy players in the minimap so that you can react accordingly.
- Red dots in the minimap that appear when firing your gun will fade faster so there’s more time to evade after engaging in a gunfight.
- Those same red dots will no longer reveal teammates that are near the player firing their gun.

Tac-Deploy & Spawning
- We’ve shortened the duration that a Tac-Deploy is active, lengthened its cooldown time, and limited the number of spawns per use to 10. This will help to fulfill the goal of providing short bursts of strategic positioning shifts.
- We’re relaxing the radius around which players will spawn on a Tac-Deploy so that there is more room to spread out, and enemies attempting to disable it won’t suddenly get overwhelmed by a surge of defenders.
- We’re adding a notification to the death cam (where camera breaks into third person when you die) that displays when a Tac-Deploy is active and whether there is danger nearby, and another notification that appears in the game HUD after you spawn on a Tac-Deploy.

Body Armor & Gear
- Explosives should shred Armor – that was not working in the Beta, and we’re fixing that.
- Damage is now reduced by armor rather than being completely deflected by it.
- Some of the player feedback from the game when fighting against a player with Armor was “cranked to 11,” and made it feel a lot worse than it actually was, so we’re reducing it to feel less annoying.
- We added extra +25 bonus score reward for every kill against players with Armor to help feed your Scorestreak meter.
- We’re also experimenting with a number of ideas to better support its role while also making it less appealing to highly aggressive players (for example, impacting certain aspects of movement speed or protection coverage area).